All you need to know about "Luci d'artista"

Salerno, every year from November to January

Luci d’artista is the most awaited event in Salerno. It takes place every year in November and continues until almost the end of January.

Inauguration Friday, 3rd November 2017, 6 p.m

The city of Salerno hosts the most impressive exhibition of light artworks, all installed along the streets, alleys, squares and parks. A spectacular exposition where fantasy comes alive through cascade of lights, enchanted gardens, giant figures, animals, fairy tales characters and much more.

All installations of great impact and elegance, delight for visitors, adults and kids!

Luci d’Artista is not only a show of lights but also a great opportunity to be together with family and friends, to discover the old town centre and the  great historical, environmental, food and wine heritage of Salerno. The town of  the first Medical School University in Western Europe with Minerva’s Garden and the Cathedral of San Matteo.


  • Ferris wheel –  A big 50 meters ferris wheel will be installed in Piazza della Concordia.  It will allow visitors and residents to enjoy Salerno illuminated by the lights from an extraordinary height. Ticket price is about 9,00 € for adults and 6,00 € for children up to 10 years (five rounds for the duration of 10 minutes).
  • Sand Nativity
  • Christmas Markets


Due to the exaordinary nature of the event and the historical and cultural beauties of the place it is advisable to take part in a guided tour. For information and reservations you can sand an e-mail to


CAR parking

For visitors who reach the city by car it is recommended to park in the Arechi Stadium Parking that will be indicated through appropriate signs in the city.

BUS parking

For visitors who reach the city by bus it is recommended to use the online booking system. Some areas of the city will be prohibited for tour buses, with exception of the authorized area.

ACCOMMODATION can help individuals or groups in finding the ideal accommodation solution. The hotels far from the city center usually are less expensive and less crowed.


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