3 wonderful places in Cilento where you can practice canyoning!

Cilento, 11th July 2018

Would you like to jump into a mountain stream that is flowing very fast and let yourself be carried away by the river while floating on your back? Would you like to discover unexploited and natural places?
Whether you are an adventure traveller or a simply nature lover you are made for canyoning!


If you are on holiday in Campania and you would like to spend a few days in Cilento without getting bored, you could practice canyoning.

Cilento is one of the best place in Campania in which it is possible to do canyoning in summer. The recommended period to practice it is from June to September, even in October, weather permitting.

Canyoning is one of the worlds fastest growing outdoor sports that attracts an ever increasing number of enthusiasts. At the most basic level, canyoning is the practise of descending rivers and streams, using any combination of walking, climbing, abseiling, swimming, jumping and sliding.  Anyone who loves sliding, jumping and playing in water, exploring, walking, swimming, scrambling, abseiling and so on will love going Canyoning.

A wide variety of canyoning routes are found throughout the Campania, and canyoning is enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels.

Canyoning is frequently done in remote and rugged settings but the peculiarity of Cilento is that not far from the sea and in wild hidden areas but easily accessible, there are places of extraordinary beauty in which it is possible to practice canyoning.

3 Impressive canyoning locations in Cilento:

  1. Calore Gorges

Calore Gorges are characterized by the impenetrable green of the Mediterranean srub and the ancient shape of the white limestone. Situated in the territory of Felitto, 48 km from Paestum, Gorges are crossed by the river Calore. This river that flows in the Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park, originates from the Cervati Mount, the most imposing massif of Campania (1898 m above sea level) and meets the Sele river at about 8 km from the sea ogf Paestum. In its natural flowing watercourse 62 km long, Calore river crosses five gorges of outstanding beauty.

  1. Bussento Gorges

Originating from Cervati mountain, the Bussento river flows in the Campanian territory of Cilento. Along the course it crosses Caselle in Pittari and emerges in Morigerati. The Caves of Bussento, located in Morigerati, are a WWF Oasis.

Morigerati Oasis covers a surface of 607 hectares and it is a protected area of importance for wildlife, flora, fauna and features of geological interest. It is  a very important geosite characterised by an hypogeal river, gorges and river valleys.

The splendid natural Oasis is well known for the waterfall “Capelli di Venere”. You will be fascinated by the magic of the landscape and the regenerative power of nature.

  1. Sammaro Gorges

The narrow gorge of the Sammaro river contains some little springs and represents one of the typical karst phenomena of Cilento. The river comes from spring waters and flows between rocks and lush vegetation. Gorges are crossed by one of the most impressive bridge in Italy with a below clearance of above 160 meters. Jacopo’s Cave is the most spectacular place that people can admire. Two streams feed a small covered lake and the purity and lightness of these waters is unbelievable.

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