Airplanes, trains, buses and ferries to visit Cilento. Routes, updated timetables and where to look for

lunedì, 1 ottobre 2018

Many tourists choose Cilento as a holiday destination, leisure and entertainment. Something that travelers often ask themselves is how to reach the coast and the more internal Cilento areas.
Let’s see together how to get to Cilento, how to move around the area and where to find routes and timetables.


The international airport of Naples – Capodichino is the second largest airport in Southern Italy. About 4 km from the Central Station of Naples, it is the most functional airport, closer to the Cilentan territory.

The airport has two terminal buildings: Terminal 1 is for scheduled flights and Terminal 2, located away from the airfield, is used for charter operations.

From Naples – Capodichino Airport you can reach the old town centre of Naples and the railway station by public transport: at the exit of the airport there are connections with Alibus, with departures every 20 minutes and S3 bus.

Obviously from the airport of Naples you can call a taxi, rent a car or book a transfer with a private driver.


Salerno-Costa d’Amalfi airport is located between the municipalities of Bellizzi and Pontecagnano Faiano, 21 km far from Salerno. It is also commonly known as Salerno-Pontecagnano Airport.



Cilento is crossed by the Southern Tyrrhenian railway, the most important north-south railway connection between Sicily, Calabria and the rest of the Peninsula.

The territory is served by regional, inter-regional and high-speed trains. On the trenitalia website you can consult timetables, costs and availability.

Immediately after the stations of Salerno, Pontecagnano, Montecorvino and Battipaglia, going South, the main Cilento railway stations are:

  • Capaccio-Roccadaspide
  • Paestum
  • Agropoli-Castellabate
  • Omignano-Salento
  • Vallo Della Lucania-Castelnuovo
  • Ascea
  • Pisciotta-Palinuro
  • Centola-Palinuro Marina Di Camerota
  • Policastro Bussentino
  • Sapri

In general terms:

  • with the Regional / Intercity trains, coming from the central stations of Naples and Salerno, it is possible to reach the Cilentan localities of Paestum, Agropoli, Vallo della Lucania-Castelnuovo, Ascea-Velia, Pisciotta, Centola, Policastro and Sapri.
  • With the FRECCIAROSSA TRAINS coming from Milan, Bologna, Florence, Rome, Naples and Salerno it is possible to reach the stations of Agropoli, Vallo-Castelnuovo and Sapri.
  • With the ITALO TRAINS, coming from Milan, Bologna, Florence, Rome, Naples, it is possible to reach the station of Salerno. From Salerno, it is necessary to continue towards the Cilento area by the bus lines of the same company.


Busitalia Campania S.p.A. is the new buses company operating in Campania that provides urban and extra-urban services in the province of Salerno, services previously provided by CSTP. For information on routes, updated timetables and costs, you can consult the Busitalia website.

Another buses company that serves the Cilento territory is SitaSud. It is possible to find information on routes, costs and timetables on the dedicated website.




Cilento can also be reached by ferries. METRÒ DEL MARE is a valid marine service that guarantee ferries connections from Naples and Salerno to the island of Capri and Cilento and Amalfi Coast .