About us

Who are we?

Where i go..

Argonauta – Didactics and cultural services was born with the joining of young professionals, who put together their competences and experience. Research, discovery, planning and experimentation represent the main points of the activities in order to promote the knowledge of the rich cultural heritage in Campania.

Our work team

Experts in archaeological, historical and art disciplines; cultural amenities curators; environmental landscape curators; classic archaeologists, prehistoric archaeologists..

Our target

Schools, groups, families, nature lovers..


The project WHERE-I-GO.ORG/CILENTO (DOVEVADO.ORG/CILENTO) is an Argonauta product. Argonauta is a society of educational and tourist services whose store Argonauta.Pestum is located in the Archaeological Area of Paestum.

Where-i-go.org is a platform of experiential travels.

Where-i-go.org is an online marketplace that collects proposals studied to help the traveller to live extraordinary life moments, totally immersed in the local culture.

Where-i-go.org is mountain excursions, sailing-boat trip, lunches kindly offered by the inhabitants, taste itineraries in farms. It is farmers and fisherman tales. It is an unforgettable experience lived with special people: local guides, photographers and restaurant owners.

Where-i-go.org is the discovery of the true life of Cilento between the bights of the rivers and the mysteries of the ancient divinities. It is learning with embroiderers and chair-menders.

Where-i-go.org is praying in the sanctuaries on the top of the mountains, it is meditating in the woods, it is listening to the forest sounds. It is to establish a relationship with the nature, the history, the art, the life, local people.

Where-i-go.org is learning by doing, walking, climbing, swimming and flying.

Where-i-go.org is the possibility to choose booking trips directly from your pc, smartphone or tablet.

It is tradition and innovation, sustainability and technology.

Where-i-go.org is first of all Where-i-go.org/Ci-Lento